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Colorado Part of $152.7 Million In HUD Grants

The United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently awarded $152.7 million in aid to eight cities across the nation to help transform severely distressed public housing sectors into mixed-income communities. The grants are part of HUD's lauded HOPE VI Revitalization Program, and will go to housing authorities in the following cities: Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; Patterson, New Jersey; St. Louis, Missouri; Taunton, Massachusetts; Phoenix, Arizona; and Portland, Oregon.

According to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, housing authorities in the cities have been able to develop highly successful revitalization programs to improve the living conditions at public housing areas in their communities, resulting in tremendous positive impact on their citizens.

Following is a breakdown of grant money each city will receive, in alphabetical order:

Boston's Housing Authority is being given $22 million to help with an ongoing revamp of the Old Colony public housing development. Denver was awarded $22 million for work in the South Licoln development. Louisville will receive $22 million for improvements in the Sheppard Square development. Patterson, New Jersey was awarded $18.4 million for renovations to the Alexander Hamilton public housing area. St. Louis is getting $7,829,750 for improvements to its Arthur Blumeyer area. Taunton, Massachussets will get $22 million for renovating the Fairfax Gardens public housing development. Phoenix was awarded $20 million for ongoing work in the Frank Luke Addition development. And Portland will receive $18.5 million to improve the Hillsdale Terrace public housing area.

These eight cities were selected from 36 public housing authorities from across the nation who were vying for the funding. Six will receive money from fiscal year 2010 HOPE VI appropriations, while the other two (Phoenix and Portland) will get money from fiscal 2011 funds. Later this year, HUD will hold another competition to award $65 million in FY2011 funding as part of HUD's new Choice Neighborhoods Program.

HUD gave special considerations to applying housing authorities who extended their public housing transformations to coincide with early childhood education programs. President Obama has challenged public housing authorities to build upon HOPE VI lessons to use innovative means to transform their communities. The goal of the new Choice Neighborhoods program is to transform poorer neighborhoods into mixed-income neighborhoods with access to economic opportunities by revitalizing severely distressed public and assisted housing and then linking these neighborhoods to well-functioning services, effective schools, public transportation and jobs.

June 17, 2011

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