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Police Arrest Man for Renting Out Homes He Didn't Own

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico have arrested a 35 year-old man who they say has been breaking into empty homes and then renting them out for cheap rent. The problem the police have with the man, Shaun Anaya, is that the homes he's renting do not belong to him. The arrest came after a man who was watching a home for an out-of-town owner saw a man coming out of the home and asked him what he was doing, to which the man replied that he was getting the home ready for new renters. The man then called police, who arrested Anaya. Unfortunately, a single mother of three kids had already paid Anaya $1,800 to rent the home.

Police have been trying to locate Anaya for at least a month, as he is believed to be involved in at least twenty cases of fraud. Operating under the guise of "Olive Tree Property Management," Anaya has broken into the homes, many of them foreclosures owned by banks, changed the locks and rented them out to unsuspecting people who were pleased to find the rental bargains Anaya was offering. As for the homes not owned by banks, several who are aware of the scam report that anything of value has been taken from the home.

So far, Anaya has been charged with breaking and entering, fraud and conspiracy, adding to a lengthy rap sheet built up by the man over they years. Anaya has had numerous arrests in the past for everything from drug possession and battery to various typed of forgery and fraud. As for the single mother who rented the home where Anaya was arrested, the owner of the home has decided to let her stay there through the end of the winter.

December 14, 2011

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